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The Beauty Beyond Breast Augmentation


Everybody likes to be beautiful, men and women are exerting a lot of efforts and money just to look the way they want them to be. So, science did its part to defy the impossible, to have the instant solution for their beauty cravings.

Breast implantation is one of the trendy among any other surgical solutions that are being patronized by the women and the gay society. This has really a satisfying result for the improvement of their being in any aspects. From physical, where people call them stunning, sexy, slender and the like, and they are enjoying it.

Also, these factors affect them psychologically because of the mentality that they are now competitive in the society.  Most especially, the emotional aspect that is the most important result, the feeling of wanted is what the most patients are thanking.

Nobody is known perfect, women might have this augmentation for a purpose self- improvement. Some may be skeptics about the advantages of the breast augmentation, they may say that it is dangerous, it is fake and it may harm you in the long run.

Some of those are undeniably true yet, it is really up to you in giving it a proper care and awareness just before you undergo with it.  Health is the main key for you to be qualified being a candidate for the breast augmentation, this is a factor that is considered from the preparation to the operation until the finishing procedures. You must be fit enough to be able to qualify.

breast2(1)Your decision is a crucial part of this process, that is why you will be required to discuss everything with your surgeon right before signing in to the agreement that you are prepared enough for the surgery and its results.

This implantation is proven to have a natural look right after the surgery, many women were overwhelmed with how they look and how those fitted perfectly for their body. Women like you will no longer suffer from the bullies, and the discriminating society. You may have all the freedom now to show the world the beauty that is in you. This may be unnatural yet, you know you feel good about it and that’s priceless.

Studies shows that women who had the breast implantation enjoys a lot of self- esteem compared to those who are afraid to take the risks. This may also affect the sexual satisfaction of the woman and her spouse. You don’t have to worry for anything if you are aware that your surgeon is reliable enough.

License is what you will see first just before you jump in and have your breasts developed. Lots of cases are known having a future problem from their breast implantation, most especially in women of Asia where these surgeries are cheap enough that anyone could afford yet are known to have the worst side effects that some lead to suicidal cases.

Price is a factor choosing the right surgeon to perform these changes on your body. Remember that you are not an experimental white mice that is just helpless of what scientists are doing with your body.

You have all the rights to choose and to decide whatever is being done with you because you are one and only, whatever happens to you, you will not bring your body back anymore. Improvement is not just with the physical, you know that. What matters most is your heart and mind and not just your breast. You may have it all you want and enjoy from it, that is your body anyway, just remember to take care.

Incision Picks For Breast Augmentation

The patient wants to do her assignments, as they may be private pics, and study these problems. Her Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will have the ability to assist with all the choices of contour as well as the size. There are a few things you should think about in ascertaining where the incision will be set. Firstly, the surgeon you decide will probably have her or his taste. It may be for your advantage to choose a surgeon who picks that strategy as their primary taste in case you feel strongly about where the incision is going to be. Second, you must learn what disadvantages, if any, a particular incision place presents. It’s not unrealistic to suppose that just about all women sooner or later within their life will require revision surgery as a result of capsular contracture, a malpositioned breast, pregnancy, change in skin laxity and deflation. There are four potential incision sites; revision surgery is made by two of them through an identical incision hopeless or exceptionally hard.


1. The scar needs to be observable when the individual is in a flat position. Any future revisions will enable the surgeon to make use of the exact same incision site.

2. Transaxillary Incision. This technique permits no scars on the breast, just underneath the arm. In case the patient needs substantial silicone implants insertion by means of this channel will be exceedingly hard or even impossible, one huge disadvantage to the transaxillary incision is. Additionally, in the event a future revision is needed by the patient, the first incision can’t be used which results in more scarring.

3. T.U.B.A. Incision. Once they can be put into the pocket the implants are inserted via the incision and filled. Since silicone implants have been approved by the FDA again, they are first pick for many girls and have gained in popularity. Symmetry can also be an enormous challenge because of the space to the breast. Revision surgery is unable to be made by means of this incision.

4. Areola Incision. Among the hottest incisions for my personal favorite and breast augmentation. This incision has all the edges of the inframammary incision with no visible scar. After fixing the scar is nearly imperceptible. Exactly the same incision may be used if secondary surgery becomes necessary due to deflation or a capsular contracture. Working close to the breast enables more easy positioning of the implants.

It is necessary to locate a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon you’re comfortable with. Make sure you look at many before and following images to ensure that the surgeon gets the kind of outcomes you’re seeking.

Getting A Safe Breast Augmentation

Many women are very conscious about how they look and one of the body parts that are given a lot of attention are the breasts. The size and shape of the breasts is a normal concern for any woman, and if you feel that you are not happy with the small size of your breasts, then worry no more.

Dr Tavakoli Breast Augmentation Procedure Photo

Breast augmentation is used to increase your breasts to the size you desire and give you the confidence you deserve. Although the success rate for breast enlargement surgeries is very encouraging, it is still important to ensure you are safe.

Reasons for breast enlargement

Some women decide to have a breast enlargement due to a loss in the volume of the breasts because of aging, pregnancy or due to a significant weight loss. Others hope to achieve a better looking figure while others have one breast larger than the other and want to have proportional breasts.


Breast Augmentation Procedure by Dr TavakoliIn breast augmentation or enlargement, implants are used to increase the size of the breasts; these implants can either be saline or silicone gel implants. The surgeon will normally make a cut, lift the tissue around the breast, and then create a hollow where he can then place the implant.

Sometimes fat transfer is used to achieve the increased breast size. In this procedure, the surgeon will use liposuction to remove some fat from a part of your body like the thighs or stomach area. This fat is treated and then injected into the breasts.

Placing implants

Your surgeon will decide the best place to insert your implants depending on your body structure. It can either be placed under the pectoral muscle or on top of it. The pectoral muscle is found between the chest wall and the breast tissues. When the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle, you will be able to breastfeed with no trouble.

Types of implants

Saline breast implants are made of salt water that has been sterilized. These implants can be filled before the surgery to the required size, or the surgeon can decide to fill them during the surgery to allow for greater flexibility. Silicone implants contain an elastic gel and can be found in different shapes. Unlike saline implants, silicone implants have to be filled before the surgery. Usually, the surgeon has to make a bigger incision in order to insert the silicone implant.

Breast Augmentation Photo

There is a variation of silicone implants that contain a cohesive silicone gel made from silicone molecules that are cross-linked. These implants give a better final shape than traditional silicone implants since they are firmer.

Type of breast enlargement

The type of breast enlargement that is most appropriate for you will depend on your medical history, your body structure, your breast tissue and what you want to achieve from the procedure.

Safety considerations

Once you have had a successful breast augmentation, you will need to be checked once in a while by a certified surgeon. If in need of consultation, Dr. Tavakoli is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Australia with a great track record for successful and safe breast augmentation procedures.